What you can do to prepare for your shoot.

The more prepared you are, the better the outcome. Here are a few tips to make sure you are at your best for the day.

TLDR; Get tan, hair and make up done by professional, wear loose non restrictive clothing to the shoot and bring clean ironed clothes to suit your look



The first step is to work out what type of shoot you’re looking for. This can be anything from Fitness, lifestyle, swimwear, glamour, boudoir, street or portrait.

The next step is to find a location that best fits your shoot style. While I do have access to some locations that are free of charge, please keep in mind that certain locations have hire fees and this is not included in the shoot price. If you need assistance deciding on a location, I can provide guidance.

Once we have worked out a style and location, I will need some reference/inspiration. The more I understand the look you’re after, the better prepared I can be, leading to a quicker and smoother shoot.

Practise, practise, practise and know your poses. The more comfortable you are moving between poses, the better the outcome. Although I will direct and adjust your posing to suit, the more confident and comfortable you are getting into the poses on your own, the more natural it will look - and natural is good.


A good tan will significantly improve the outcome of your photos. You generally want your tan slightly darker than your standard tan - as if you have just come back from a tropical holiday.

For the week leading up to your tan, exfoliate and moisturise regularly. 
Be sure to have any wax / shave / hair removal done at least 24hrs before your tan. Avoid moisturiser / perfume / deodorant on the day of your tan.
All of these tips are to give you the best possible canvas for the tan to adhere to and will prevent any inconsistencies and unevenness in your tan. A spotty / patchy / old tan WILL show through in your final images. You are welcome to self tan; however, I recommend having this done by a professional.

Take care of your tan! Once your tan is done you need to maintain it. Ask your tanner how you can keep the tan as clean as possible until the day of shoot.
Avoid wearing watches, bracelets, high socks, tight complicated clothing and anything else that may rub at the tan.
Extra care is needed when you’re shooting post comp. If you show up with patchy, dry cracking tan and sweat marks, it will show in the final images.




This will depend on the look you’re going for with your shoot. In most cases, I recommend opting for a more neutral look, but this is best discussed with a professional upon booking.
I advise that a professional is used for hair and make up. Again, you are welcome to do this yourself, however this can significantly impact on the outcome of your photos. Not all make up will shoot the same, which is why I strongly recommend having done by a professional.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any recommendations for your tan, hair or makeup.


  • Water

  • Food

  • Towel

  • Outfits

  • Accessories

  • Positive vibes




This is another factor that is dependant on your shoot style. If you are looking for something different to the norm, please discuss this when booking your shoot.
Always bring more than you think you will need. Some outfits don’t always look the way you envision them or don’t fit like they used to - bring a back up or two if possible.

Professional styling via Clique Styling can be available at an additional cost.



Casual gym / fitness / lifestyle: This is the look you generally wear to the gym or for a run at the park.

Girls: Crop tops, singlets, gym shorts and tights (short/long/three quarter) are the standard.

Guys: Singlets (t-back/stringers/muscle tanks) gym shorts, compressions (short/long/three quarter) or track pants/joggers.

For shoes, white/black or grey sneakers or gym shoes are the most common choice, but any sneakers will work as long as they’re clean. I do advise that you coordinate your shoe choice to your outfit as best as you can.

For a sexier fitness look:

Girls: Booty shorts, crop tops, leotards and underwear are a popular choice. If you want to go for a little less gym inspired look you could also go for denim shorts and a cut off t shirt or singlet. Please note, if you do go for the denim shorts, they need to fit accordingly. If they need to be rolled or manipulated to fit, they will bunch up and will show in the photo.

Guys: Denim jeans/shorts, cargo shorts or underwear (CK / Hilfiger / Ralph / Armani)

I generally go for bare feet with these looks but sneakers or heels will also work.




Girls: Two-piece bikinis and one-piece bikinis are staples. There are a million styles and designs to choose from, just make sure they fit. You want them to hug your body, but not constrict it. I also recommend bringing a couple shirts/singlets or even a netted top for a more casual look.

Guys: Board shorts, swimming trunks, or if you want something a little more casual denim/cargo shorts



Glamour / Boudoir

Girls: Underwear, lingerie and bodysuits are the go to for these looks. You can go for a sexy night in look with the lingerie or playful lazy Sunday morning look by having a shirt or jumper paired with hipster or boy shorts bottoms.

I generally go for bare feet with these looks but sneakers or heels will also work.

Guys: Denim jeans/shorts, cargo shorts or underwear (CK / Hilfiger / Ralph / Armani)




Any of the above styles and many more.

Although I do have a studio set up, this is based on the Gold Coast. A studio style shoot can be achieved anywhere with a plain clean wall.



1) Wear something loose to the shoot. Don’t wear anything that you’re planning to take off that could leave any imprints or marks on your skin. This includes complicated tops, watches, bracelets, socks and hair ties etc. 

2) Make sure all outfits are clean, ironed and folded/hung neatly prior to the shoot. You don’t want to put in all this effort into your shoot only to have someone point out how wrinkly your shirt is. This can not be photo shopped out.